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Reference FAQ
What kinds of questions can library staff answer?

Librarians can provide answers to questions requiring a direct answer, such as requests for cases, legislation, commentary, factual information, or help in locating relevant legal resources. When asked complex legal questions, library staff will provide assistance in locating useful research materials, and guidance on how to best start researching the topic.

Librarians are also available to perform searches for relevant cases. Prior to the search, a discussion is necessary to determine the key terminology, themes, and areas of law relevant to the issue at hand. Staff will spend approximately 1 hour searching for cases, per query.

Librarians are unable to perform research on questions that require an in-depth understanding of the law. While staff are available to advise on a research strategy and provide assistance in locating research materials, they lack the time and legal training to ensure answers to complex legal research questions are correct.

Can the library staff send me copies of cases and legislation?

Yes, library staff members are available to retrieve cases and legislation and send them via email or fax. A charge will apply for faxes. If a large number of cases or copies is needed, staff are available to provide instruction on how to use databases and materials to retrieve information independently.

How quickly can I expect a response to my question?

Acknowledgment of your query can be expected within 24 hours or less. Please note that library staff will make every effort to provide an answer as quickly as possible, but that response times may vary depending on the volume and nature of requests. Library staff will do their best to communicate when an answer can be expected.

Priority will be given to urgent requests as necessary, and so it is helpful to note if you are working with a deadline or the request is urgent.