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Local Practice Information

For First Available Case Conference and Motion Dates, please see our Trial Lists page

Guide to Gowning in Ottawa  - InfographicText Only Version


Child Protection Scheduling Protocol: First Nation, Inuit & Métis (FNIM) Cases (May 2019)

Arbitrators and Domestic Violence Screeners List (Spring 2019)

Family Bench and Bar Communiqué (Spring 2019)

Procedure for Amending Family Law Orders (Spring 2019)

Sample Amended Family Law Order

Information on Bill C-78 – Proposed Amendments to Federal Family Law Statutes (May 2018)

Text of Amendments - Family Law Rules (2018)

New Motion and Conferences Timelines Cheat Sheet (2018)

Family Bench and Bar Communiqué (Winter 2018)

Family Bench and Bar Communiqué (Fall 2017)

Correction of Court Order Practice (June 2017)

Integrated Family and Criminal Court (IFCC) Protocol (Aug 2017)

Notice to the Family Law Bar (January and February 2017)

CFSA Procedural Guide (EN / FR) (Sept 2016)

Compendiums - Family Law and Child Protection Motions (EN / FR) (May 2016)

Family List of Frequently Relied On Cases

Notice to the Profession Regarding FDCD (Jan 2016)

Notice to the Profession (Dec 2015)

Notice to the Profession (July 2015, with forms)

Notice to the Profession Regarding Changes to the Family Law Rules in Force June 10, 2015 (CDLPA, June 11, 2015)

Coordinated Case Management Program

Coordinated Case Management Program Consent Form: EN / FR

Coordinated Case Management Program Information Sheet: EN / FR

Roadmap to the Coordinated Case Management Program

Notice to the Profession: High Conflict Pilot Project in Ottawa (July 2014)

Notice to the Profession: Long Motions, Costs (June 2014)

Most Common Errors When Drafting a Court Order in Accordance with an Endorsement (EN / FR)

Notice to the Profession (Feb 2014)

Notice to the Profession (Dec 2013)

Report of the Family Justice Working Group on Access to Justice

Procedural Guide to the Family Bar (Jan 2013)

Amendments to the Family Law Rules in force September 1, 2011

Case Conference Template (EN / FR)

Children's Law Reform Act & Family Law Rules - Changes as of March 1, 2010

Emergency Motions (without notice) under Rule 14(12) - A Guide (EN / FR)

Financial Disclosure Prior to a Case Conference in Support Cases

Mandatory Information Program - Flowchart

Mandatory Information Program - Notice to the Public

Ottawa Family Case Manager Pilot Project Evaluation - Year 1

Ottawa Family Case Manager Pilot Project Evaluation - Year 2



Draft discussion paper on technology-related terms in retainer agreements (2019)

Confidential Application for Integrated Family and Criminal Court (IFCC) (EN/ FR) (Aug 2017)

CFSA Assignment Court Brief (EN/ FR) (September 2019)

Approved Form by the Regional Senior Judge for Lawyer Settlement Conferences in Family Law (May 2015)

Trial Endorsement Form (May 2015)

Police Enforcement Clauses (EN / FR / (Mar 2013)

Suggested Wording for Orders or Agreements for Supervised Access - Visits and Exchanges  (EN / FR)

Standard Terms for Family Court Orders (EN/ FR) (March 2017)

Case Conference Order  (EN / FR)

Request for a Combined Conference Under Rule 17(7)

Assignment Court Joint Confirmation

CPIC Restraining Order Information Form

Ontario Court Services - Family Law Rules Forms