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Courthouse Amenities

As of April 9, 2020, the CCLA's Courthouse facilities are closed due to COVID-19. Access is prohibited.


CCLA Lounge

A Lounge is available on the second floor of the Courthouse for the exclusive use of lawyers (and their accompanying students), paralegals (and their accompanying students), and the judiciary. Access to the Lounge is available through the main lobby via access card (see below) or through the CCLA Library. Coat storage and an accessible washroom can be found within the lounge, as can access to the locker rooms.


Courthouse Lockers

The CCLA has a limited number of lockers available for rent in the Ottawa Courthouse. Located in the secured robing rooms beneath the CCLA Lounge, there are 44 lockers for women and 144 lockers for men. In each robing room, there are also a limited number of lockers available for short-term rentals. Rentals are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; please enquire with the CCLA for current availability. All CCLA members receive a discounted rate for locker rentals.

Rental terms for the lockers are for one year. Billing for the lockers is sent out annually in March. Rental costs for lockers are:

CCLA Members: $142.00 + HST / year
Non-CCLA Members: $285.00 + HST / year
Short-term rentals: $10.00 + HST / day

    For all inquiries regarding lockers, including new rentals, please contact Sonia Morin.

    If you do not require a locker, but are looking for coat storage, there are two coat closets available in the Lounge, and one available in the Library.

    *Please be advised access to the locker rooms via elevator is available. Please let CCLA Staff know if we can arrange this for you.


    Wireless Access

    CCLA Members Network

    The CCLA is pleased to offer wireless Internet service at the Ottawa Courthouse. This service is free for CCLA members, who may request the network password from the CCLA Library.

    Ministry of the Attorney General WiFi

    The Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) offers two WiFi networks:

    Counsel, advocates, self-represented clients and other justice participants who are regularly in the courthouse can register for a six-month OPSGuest WiFi account. This account will also enable access to the OPSGuest WiFi service in any of the 75 courthouses that has or will have the service installed. The OPSGuest WiFi service will be available in courtrooms, but users are advised not to rely upon the service to present a case.

    To register for an OPSGuest WiFi account, please consult the following form: EN / FR

    For information on how to connect to the OPSGuest WiFi, please see the following document: EN / FR

    MAG also offers a Public WiFi service. This service does not require pre-registration, but is only provided in areas where the public congregates (e.g., jury assembly rooms, cafeterias, lobbies/atriums, public seating areas, etc.).

    For information on how to connect to the Public WiFi service, please see this following document: EN / FR 

    Please note that the CCLA is unable to provide access or assistance to this WiFi network.


    Meeting Rooms

    The CCLA Library offers two meeting rooms. Each room can comfortably accommodate four people - please speak with library staff if additional seating is required.

    The Lees and Kealy Meeting rooms are available for reservation.  They may be booked for no longer than three hours at a time, and must be used for group meeting purposes. No clients are permitted in the meeting rooms. All users are required to review the room use policy. To book a room, please email the CCLA for availability.


    Membership Cards

    All CCLA members receive a membership card. This card allows CCLA members 24/7 hour access to the courthouse library. It also contains all the information necessary to log-in to our website and access members-only products and services. Once logged in, members can:

    • update personal information
    • renew memberships
    • register for CLE and social events

    Membership cards can also be presented to our member partners to obtain exclusive member discounts, and operate the photocopy machines in the CCLA Library.


    Access Cards

    Lawyer and Articling Student members of the CCLA are entitled to apply for a Courthouse access card that will allow you to bypass security. These cards are obtained directly from Courthouse Security staff, and can be applied for from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Monday to Friday at the Security desk (across from the Family Law Centre). These cards will also allow access to the CCLA Lounge.

    Lounge-Only access cards are available for qualifying individuals - please contact the CCLA for more information or visit the CCLA during staffed hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).