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Civil Litigation

Research Materials

Compendium of Damages Awarded in Personal Injury Actions Across Ontario, January 1999 - October 2018

Compendium of Costs Awarded in Actions in Toronto, Central East Region, Central South Region, East Region, and Northeast Region, July 1 2005 - March 31, 2015


Local Practice Information

For First Available Motion and Application dates, please visit our Trial Lists page.

Guide to Gowning in Ottawa  - InfographicText Only Version

Observation of Pre-Trial Conferences by Law Students from University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (EN/FR) (August 2019)

Student Undertaking Regarding Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure / Process Observation Report (August 2019)

Notice to the Profession: Motions or Applications in Writing (Basket Matters) (EN / FR) (Jan 2019)

Civil Bench & Bar Communiqué (Winter 2019)

Notice to the Profession: Trial Management Conferences in Small Claims Court (September 2018)

Civil Bench & Bar Communiqué (Fall 2018)

Information to the Profession: Factums and Books of Authority (January 2018)

Bankruptcy Meeting Memo - November 2017 (Agenda)

Civil Bench & Bar Communiqué (October 2017)

Civil Bench & Bar Communiqué (July 2017)

Letter to the Bar: Civil Motions (EN / FR) (May 2016)

Notice to the Profession: Express Motions (EN / FR) (Nov 2015)

Solicitor & Client Assessments (EN / FR) (Oct 2015)

Solicitor & Client Assessments - Q&As (EN / FR) (Oct 2015)

Civil Litigation and Case Management in Ottawa: Fine Tuning the System (PPT, May 2015)

Case Management (May 2015)

Mandatory Mediation (May 2015)

Pre-Trials (May 2015)

New Timelines (May 2015)

Rules of Civil Procedure Timelines (EN/FR) (April 20, 2015)

Civil Motions (short): Procedure Changes / Flowchart (effective Oct 6, 2014)

Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure (effective Jan 2015)

Ottawa Protocol for Delivery of Motion Materials in Electronic Form

Procedure for Booking Long Motions in Ottawa (April 2013)

Roster of Mediators - Ottawa

Dispute Resolution in the Office of the Master

References to the Master: A Short Guide



Draft discussion paper on technology-related terms in retainer agreements (2019)

Notice of Appointment for Assessment (EN/FR) (2015)

Case Conference Form (2015)

Timetable in Writing Form (2015)

Pre-trial Certification and Request Form (2015)

Long Motion Pre-Confirmation Form (Ottawa)

Long Motion Form (Ottawa)

Pre-trial Memorandum

Requisition for Applications and Motions

Ontario Court Services - Rules of Civil Procedure Forms